Landscape & Building Design


Our team of skilled designers, horticulturists, and craftsmen work closely with you to bring your vision to life. Whether you desire a tranquil garden retreat, a vibrant outdoor entertainment area, a full set of plans for your future home or a harmonious blend of all, we have the expertise to exceed your expectations.

Our Head Designer Tim Rannaste is skilled in CAD, 3D visualisations as well as the craft of hand rendered design mock-ups.


We believe that every successful project begins with a thorough and personalised consultation. Our commitment to understanding your unique vision and needs sets us apart as a trusted partner in your landscape and building endeavors.

The Design Process

Step 1 - Discovery

During our initial consultation, we take the time to listen and understand your goals and aspirations for your project. We delve into the details of your vision, discussing your desired aesthetics, functionality, and budget. Our team conducts a comprehensive site analysis. We assess factors such as the topography, soil conditions, existing vegetation, and architectural elements. This analysis provides invaluable insights that inform our design decisions, ensuring that the final result seamlessly integrates with the surrounding environment and structures

Step 2 - Design Proposal

Armed with a deep understanding of your vision and site, our team provides you with a design fee proposal. If you choose to proceed, our proposal presents a comprehensive plan, including layout drawings, and material suggestions. We carefully explain the design rationale, allowing you to visualize the end result and make informed decisions. Your feedback and input are essential during this stage as we refine and finalize the design plan.

Step 3 - Budgeting and Planning

Transparency and clear communication are paramount when it comes to budgeting and planning. We provide detailed cost estimates, outlining the various elements of the project. Our team works closely with you to ensure that the design aligns with your budget and offers alternative solutions if needed.

Step 4 - Implementation

With the design and planning stages complete, our skilled team gets to work, bringing your vision to life. We meticulously execute every aspect of the project, from landscaping to building, paying careful attention to craftsmanship and quality. Throughout the implementation process, we provide regular updates, ensuring that you remain informed and involved at every step. Alternatively, we also offer the flexibility to only request the designs.

Step 5: Completion and Beyond

Upon project completion, we conduct a thorough walkthrough, ensuring that every detail meets our stringent standards of excellence. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and we take pride in delivering a finished product that exceeds your expectations. We provide guidance on ongoing maintenance and offer support should you require any future enhancements or additions.